Special Purpose Permit Application

This form is used to apply for permission to enter and remain on Aboriginal land for the purpose of undertaking projects whether for research in anthropology, linguistics or archaeology, or activities in conservation, tourism or filming.

If your purpose is to enter Aboriginal land for a single transit from one point to another, you should use the TRANSIT application form (see our website www.clc.org.au for further information).

The CLC will use the details that you provide in this form to evaluate your application and, where appropriate, to consult with the Traditional Owners regarding the application.

Please read the Project Principles and Special Purpose Permits (found here) before completing your application. This will help to ensure that the information you provide will enable Traditional Owners to make decisions regarding the application.

Not every question will be relevant to all projects but please provide as much information as possible.

If your application is successful, you will be issued with a special purpose permit with conditions tailored to your project.

You may be required to execute an agreement in relation to cultural and intellectual property rights as a condition of the permit.

The permit will not allow you to enter Aboriginal land for any purpose other than that stated in the permit.

Applications take some time to process depending on the extent of consultations with Traditional Owners. Please submit your application well in advance of your intended project commencement date to allow the CLC sufficient time to process your application.

Please remember that it is important to respect and protect Aboriginal peoples’ cultural and intellectual property rights, including their cultural knowledge.