Media permit (news of the day) application 


1. This Permit is issued on the basis that all persons to whom it is issued enter Aboriginal land at their own risk and agree that neither the Central Land Council nor the landowners or occupiers shall be liable either jointly or severally for any loss, damage or liability of any kind arising out of or in relation to the entry of the permit holders onto Aboriginal land no matter how such loss, damage or liability arises whether by fault or default or negligence.

2. This Permit is issued subject to the general conditions contained in this Application and any special conditions specified in the Media Permit. This Permit is automatically revoked if any general or special condition is breached by the permit holder.

3. This Permit is issued on the condition that the permit holder obeys all directions of traditional Aboriginal owners whilst on Aboriginal land.

4. This Permit does not authorise the entry of a person to a dwelling or a living area of a camp occupied by or belonging to an Aboriginal without the consent of the owner or occupier.

5. This Permit may be revoked at any time by traditional Aboriginal owners or the Central Land Council in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Aboriginal Land Act.

6. This Permit is valid only to enable the permit holders to perform the duties or activities associated with the stated purpose of the visit.

7. This Permit must be carried at all times while the permit holders are on Aboriginal land and must be produced for inspection on demand.

8. Before taking liquor onto any Aboriginal land the permit holders should ascertain what rules govern the possession, sale, consumption or disposal of liquor on that land. The permit holders must comply with all rules and restrictions made under the Liquor Act in relation to liquor on Aboriginal land.

9. With the exception of Opal, petrol must not be brought into communities, whether in vehicle tanks, jerry cans, fuel drums or otherwise. *Opal petrol is a BP product designed to reduce harm caused by petrol sniffing


I have read the above general conditions applying to entry to Aboriginal land and understand them. I agree to abide by these conditions and any special conditions that may be set out on the permit. The information contained in this application is true and correct.